Course Description 

SPEAR Level 1 is carefully designed to help officers and their agencies handle the problems they face in today's highly charged environment.  Our program's focus is to make officers and the agencies they serve safer from the call through the courtroom.

By integrating simple, safe, natural biomechanics, SPEAR System graduates are safer sooner.  Participants will learn a defensive tactics system based on how humans move and react to danger.  The SPEAR System has a unique capability that enhances the safety of both the officer and the subject.  This reduces everyone's liability.

Completing this course will:

  1. Enhance an officer’s ability to identify pre-contact cues and make more strategic decisions.
  2. Enhance critical decision-making skills, including verbal de-escalation strategies and preemptive interception tactics  (this helps incidents to get resolved with less violence). 

*If you are attending as a trainer, this program will teach you how to introduce a full SOP / ROE into your agency’s ‘Use of Force’ model covering the development of pre-assault awareness, Startle/Flinch Conversion Theory, Counter Ambush Policy Development, Close Quarter Tactics, scenario/drill development and much more.

The SPEAR SYSTEM® is based on behavioral science, it's movement and principles
are governed by physiology, physics, and psychology, 
making our system the easiest to learn, 

and safest to apply.  It is the only DT program vetted by doctors from 3 continents. 

  • The SPEAR System is a safe and effective program that has been vetted in the streets by professionals for 3 decades.
  • Our system specifically enhances safety inside the reactionary gap.
  • The program includes important psychological lessons that influence critical thinking. This has shown to develop attributes and skills for post-incident clarity during AARs and expert witness testimony.
  • The "Cycle of Behavior", our proprietary system to improve critical thinking, mental toughness,  adaptive mindset, and manage fear, has enhanced the safety of countless professionals around the world. 
  • The SPEAR System can be a stand-alone program for your agency or organization or it can effectively serve as a bridge between a sudden attack and the DT skills an officer already possesses. 
  • The program design will enhance any existing DT or combatives program.

*If you need a more detailed overview of the program please email us from your government email address.

The SPEAR SYSTEM® is the world’s first and only behaviorally-based close quarter defensive tactics & personal defense program.  It was developed by Tony Blauer over the course of 3 decades studying real violence.

For over 25 years, the SPEAR SYSTEM® has been integrated by law enforcement & military professionals around the world. It is street and battle proven and has been validated by professionals in the medical community on three separate continents. Our program has been integrated into law enforcement training at local, state and federal levels around the world as well.

"You have to be able to protect yourself, regardless of who you are. 

SPEAR is the only training that starts before the fight, but also carries through from beginning to end."
-Brett Calhoun, Mashpee Police

*High Gear is not always used in the SPEAR Fundamentals course. 
We use it when there is gear at the host facility.  If you own High Gear bring it to the course.

"This course is a crucial course to understand the fundamentals of pre-contact cues and skill development.  The other thing that made a few lights go off for me was the cycle of behavior.  This is something that can help us in multiple aspects of our lives.  I have been able to incorporate some of the research and training to different areas within officer training including driving.  Open minds and the great instructors made this one of the best foundational courses I have taken."
-Wes Burnside, Calgary Police Service

"As a defensive tactics instructor, this course really makes you think about the real world application of taught techniques in that moment of unexpected violence. The theory behind the SPEAR system and how your body reacts to a sudden and unexpected stimulus is really interesting. The drills make you appreciate just how you can convert your bodies natural flinches into something tactical."
-Richard Field, Hampshire Constabulary

Resources for Attendees, Graduates & Administrators.

  1. A 5-year study in the UK explains how the SPEAR System Reduces Injuries to the Head by 41%.
    Email ask@blauertactical.com from your government address and we will send you the study.

  2. Medical Reviews of SPEAR System from USA, Canada & UK click here

  3. ‘Scientific Review of SPEAR’ click here

  4. ‘The Physiology of Survival’ click here

  5. ‘Scope of Technique’ click here

  6. Testimonials from around the world click here

  7. New to SPEAR?  Click here.

Location Information

  • CVE Public Safety Training Center
  • 310 College Street, Grand Prairie, TX, 75050 US


Monday8:00 AM - 5 :00 PM

Arrive at 7:30 for Check In

Tuesday - Thursday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Available for United States residents only. Click here for more information.


  • New Attendee:  $750  
  • Re-certification: $500  - This discount is for returning SPEAR Coaches and is only available for active SPEAR Coaches attending this course for re-certification.

Group Discounts

  • Tandem: $1,200 (save $150 each)
  • Group of 4: $2,000 (save $250 each)

*Tandem and group members can be from outside agencies.
**The discount is only applicable if you register as a group.

What to Bring

  • Printed copy of the registration receipt or Photo ID
  • Printed or digital copy of the training manual that was emailed to you
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • High Gear if you own a suit
  • Suitable clothes for training
  • Snack and fluids, or a meal if you do not plan on going off-site during lunch break

In Preparation

  • Once you are registered you will receive all the study, materials, manual, links to articles and more.

Test Results and Certificates

  • Attendees will be required to teach a practical drill from the Syllabus, which will be assessed.
  • Attendees will conduct either a written or oral assessment on the Theory from the Syllabus.
  • Certificates will be emailed to attendees in PDF Format within 1 week of completion of the course

Local Hotels

Hampton Inn & Suites Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport South
4201 Reggis Ct
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Local Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

This course is open to all law enforcement, military, corrections and first responders. Verification is required, and if you are NOT active you will not be able to attend the training. 

If you are paying with a purchase order, please submit your PO to accounting@blauertactical.com

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