"All fights are dangerous, but the ambush is the most dangerous fight of all." 

"There are two types of confrontations you must be ready for. There's the typical “uncooperative person” or 'resisting' scenario. But there's another confrontation that most don't consider, and that's a sudden, violent ambush. This fight is very different. It's responsible for almost all the serious injuries [and worse] to first responders around the world. This type of sudden violence triggers primal reactions and requires a different type of preparation and training. Are you prepared for that attack?

I can help you see fights differently, prepare differently, you'll be safer sooner by using a system that is already hard-wired inside you."

Tony Blauer
Founder, SPEAR System®

Course Description

This 8-hour course contains the 'Essentials Elements' of the SPEAR System. It combines crucial elements to enhance safety, competence, and confidence during confrontation inside the reactionary gap. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion (on top of enhancing your survivability in a real confrontation, this course may be used for professional development.)

Course content will include: 

  • Introduction to the SPEAR System
  • Rationale: Physiology & Behavior
  • The practical & tactical use of [primal] gross motor movement for defensive tactics
  • Startle Flinch Conversion Drills
  • Perception Speed/Reaction Time Drills
  • Counter Ambush Drills 
  • And much more....

Because the SPEAR System is based on human movement and specifically addresses sudden violence inside the reactionary gap, this course is ideal for anyone in Law Enforcement, Fire, Paramedic, or Emergency Medical Services.

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The SPEAR System is a standardized and simplified close-quarter personal defense program based on science, psychology, and human bio- mechanics. This modern system is based on hard-wired reflexes and enhances the ability to detect, deflect, avoid or defend a sudden close quarter ambush. This system is not a martial art nor does it replace other defensive training systems. Our system is designed to provide a bridge between the sudden onset of an attack and the skills the responder already possesses, so the design will enhance any already existing program of training.

Location Information

  • Dragon Gym
  • 267 South Whitford Rd, Exton, PA, 19341 US


October 30, 20218:00 AM - 4:00 PM

What to Bring

  • Printed copy of the registration receipt or Photo ID
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • High Gear if you own a suit
  • Suitable clothes for training
  • Snack and fluids, or a meal if you do not plan on going off-site during lunch break


Tuition Cost: $199

Group of 2 Registration: $299 - Select the Attendee registration option and register as a group in order to receive this discount

This course is open to all law enforcement, military, corrections and first responders. Verification is required, and if you are NOT active you will not be able to attend the training. 

If you are paying with a purchase order, please submit your PO to accounting@blauertactical.com

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